Support Ocean Protection with Every Certification

Divers holding giant Project AWARE certification card

Being a professional member of the dive community is about more than just collecting awards and racking up dives. Anyone can claim to make a difference in our community but action is what really makes a difference.

– Avery Chipka, PADI Instructor, USA

As a PADI Professional, you know how critical a clean, healthy ocean is to the future of your business. You can now automatically support ocean protection through every certification through the 100% AWARE program find out more.

In a competitive marketplace, environmental responsibility plays an increasingly important role in consumer decisions. The LA Times recently reported consumers are willing to pay more for products in environmentally-responsible packaging, and Intuit sited a 7.5% increase in “green” hotel bookings.

Project AWARE 100% Aware Promotional materials

By donating a portion of your class fee to support the underwater world, you’ll distinguish your business from others in the area. There are two ways to donate: $10 per student, or a flat amount of $250 per month. Billing occurs through monthly invoices find out more.

  • Both  individual PADI members, PADI dive centers and resorts are eligible to participate.
  • Your donation is 100 percent tax deductible where allowable by law.
  • You’ll receive support and recognition materials from Project AWARE

For additional information, please review the 100% AWARE fact sheet and/or contact lauren dot wiskerson at projectaware dot org

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