Shark Week Ideas – Part Two

Shark Week kicks off this Sunday 12 August! 

Back in July we previewed a list of Shark Week promotional ideas. Since then, we’ve rounded up a list of places to find shark videos and shark trivia for your Facebook page, dive club meeting, enewsletter, etc.

Scuba Diving magazine’s favorite shark videos
Shark Videos (Facebook page)
Unusual Sharks you might not have seen before
Fun and interesting shark facts*

* Some of the facts came from Project AWARE’s free Shark Conservation Specialty Instructor Guide, others I gleaned off the interwebs

You can use the shark fact list in a couple of ways:

#1 – Post a Shark Fact of the Day / Guess the Shark Fact to your Facebook page
For example, instead of just posting “the smallest shark is the dwarf lantern shark” you could post it as a question “The largest shark is the whale shark – can you name the smallest shark?”

Offer a prize to the first person to guess the right answer (PADI shark keychain, perhaps?), or invite people to guess the answer just for bragging rights. Either way, it will drive activity on your page – increasing your Edgerank and proving to the Facebook goblins that your page has engaging content (theoretically improving your appearance in your fans’ newsfeeds).

Product no. 82619

#2 – At a dive club meeting, invite attendees to guess if a statement is true or false. 
For example: 90% of shark attack victims are male. Truth or Myth? Whoever guesses correctly could get a shark keychain, gummy shark candy, or other shark-related prize.

See our earlier post: Shark Week Ideas for a longer list of fun shark-related prizes ranging from shark bite socks to a really bitchin’ shark sleeping bag.

Last but not least, please take just a moment to share Project AWARE’s petition to protect sharks with your students, friends and family. You can either share their link: or utilize the Facebook app. One-third of pelagic (open ocean) sharks and rays are threatened with extinction and many shark populations are down 80%.

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