New Rebreather Materials – Tec 60 CCR

PADI’s new Tec 60 Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) materials are now shipping. Below are the part numbers and suggested retail pricing. You can order the materials from your PADI Americas Sales Consultant or from our online shopping cart.

Additional CCR info:

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Tec 60 CCR materials
– for the student

Tec 60 CCR Student Manual CD-ROM
Product no. 70963

Suggested retail: $55.75
The student manual is available on CD-ROM only. We do not have a paper version of this product.

Tec CCR “Type T” Predive Check Slate
Product no. 60231
(use with Tec 40/60/100 courses)
Suggested retail: $13.05

Tec 60 CCR materials
– for the instructor

Tec 60 CCR Lesson Guides CD-ROM
Product no. 71919

Member price: $57.35

Tec 60 CCR Instructor Guide – CD-ROM
Product no. 70967

Member price: $56.95

Tec 60 CCR Student Exam
Product no. 71063
(answer key / sheet can be found in the instructor guide)
Member price: $7.65

Tec 60 CCR Instructor Slates
Product no. 60422

Member price: $57.10


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