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When it came time to teach my first class after the IE I felt a little unsure of myself. I decided to team teach and it worked out brilliantly. Working together with other instructors, each of us with different strengths, we formed one perfect instructor – like Voltron.

There’s a lot to know as a PADI Member. It’s challenging for one person to know everything about the scuba diving universe (even though some people think they do).

All joking aside, the greater PADI Member community has an astounding amount of knowledge. If you’re thinking of trying something new, like social media, eLearning, or technical diving – there’s a PADI Member out there willing to share great ideas and tips.

… and they’re available on demand from the PADI Pro’s Site.

If you haven’t visited the Business of Diving Webcasts archive yet, there’s a lot of great information there. You’ll hear PADI Members describe how they’ve grown their business using different programs. More than twenty topics are available for download in convenient one hour chunks. Please see topic list below.

But wait there’s more….

View three of these programs and receive one seminar point towards Master Instructor. A typed, one-paragraph summary of each program viewed must be included with the MI app. Please contact PADI customer service for details: 800 729 7234 ext. 2495 or +1 949 858 7234 ext. 2495.

Cyber Strategies – Usability and Functionality Discover Scuba Diving
Bring-a-Friend Program
Tap Into Tec Diving
Scout out Opportunities
Conducting Successful Discover Scuba Diving Experiences
Customer Loyalty – Identify, Retain and Grow Your Best Customers
Conducting a Successful Pro Night
Digital Underwater Photography
Groupon – It’s Like Getting Paid to Advertise
Making eLearning Profitable
Phone Tips – Business Telephone Techniques
Maximizing PADI Marketing Tools
Making Money with Con-ed Social Networking
Conducting Successful Youth Programs

Pasted below is an overview of how to download and view a PADI Business of Diving archived webcast.

After clicking the link to download the webinar of your choice, you’ll have to enter a little information.

Step One: Type in your email
Step Two: Enter your first and last name and your PADI Member Number
(store number if you are a store, instructor number if you are an individual member).
Step Three: click the button to View Recorded Webinar
If you’d like to participate in one of our live programs, here’s our schedule for the remainder of 2012. All programs run from 7am – 8am California time.

Upcoming Webcasts  2012
Selling PADI Education – DSD through MSD (13 June)
Go Pro Best Practices – Building a Leadership Program (11 July)
Expand your Borders – Secrets of Selling Travel (8 August)
Best Practices for building your Open Water Programs (12 September)
Refining your Youth Programs (10 October)
Reaching New Divers – The Power of Referrals (28 November)
Year in Review – Best of 2012(12 December)

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