Two New Adventure Dive Options

Looking to add some variety to your Adventures in Diving course? There are two new adventure dives you can offer: AWARE Shark Conservation and Recreational Sidemount.

  • Dive One of the AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty can be used as an Adventure Dive in the AOW program.
  • Similarly,  PADI Sidemount Instructors may use Dive One of the Sidemount specialty as one of the AOW elective dives.

Only instructors with these specialty ratings may offer the adventure dives (see additional info below).

For complete details on the new adventure dives, please see page four of the 2nd quarter 2012 Training Bulletin.

The 2QTB also says: Look for the incorporation of these two new Adventure Dives into the PADI Adventures in Diving manual, log books and other PADI materials when revision schedules allow. I don’t have any additional info on when student materials may be available, so in the meantime:

Materials for the Project AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty can be downloaded free from Project AWARE’s website. Any PADI Instructor in Teaching Status (OWSI or higher) may apply for the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Distinctive Specialty Instructor rating. For further detail, reference Specialty Instructor in the Professional Membership section of your PADI Instructor Manual and/or download the instructor guide.

For more information on the Sidemount specialty (including student knowledge reviews), please review the Sidemount Instructor outline – product 70490. To qualify as a PADI Recreational Sidemount Instructor, you must be a teaching-status PADI OWSI or higher and either:

  • Complete Specialty Instructor Training with a PADI Course Director + 10 logged sidemount dives.
    (method one application)
  • Provide proof of experience (method two)
    • Sidemount Diver certification + 20 logged sidemount dives 
    • Proof of 50 logged sidemount dives.

How much are the specialty instructor application fees?
Here is a link to PADI Americas’ 2012 Instructor application fees.

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