Results of Gear Poll

Last month we asked how many of you dive with an original piece of dive gear. Pasted below are the results of the poll. Looks like regulators and fins are what our respondents hang onto the longest. Read the original post.

So what’s the upshot of all this? 

  • Create a survey of your own for your eNewsletter, or post as a Facebook question. You  may want to add one more option: “I don’t use any of my original gear.”
  • Use the results when counseling students on their first gear purchase. For example, invest in a high-quality regulator, and get it serviced regularly. More than half of our students are still using their original reg.
  • Using our poll as an example: there are plenty of folks out there who might be interested in a trade-in special offer on fins and regs.

Here’s a question for you – originally posed by a member of the LinkedIn community – some divers take a lot of pride in having really old gear – why? In other sports industries, cycling or snowboarding for example, participants upgrade their gear much more frequently.

If you have any thoughts on why divers keep the same gear for years and years, leave a comment below or post a comment on our Google Plus page.

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