Final EFR Materials Update

The revised Care for Children DVD is in stock and shipping. This was the last item we were waiting on to get updated.

Now that it’s here:

  • All related kits such as the EFR Instructor Manual and EFR Instructor Start-Up Kit are shipping with 100% updated material.
  • If you ordered an EFR update pack at DEMA or during member forum, it’s shipping this week.
  • If you still have the prior version of the EFR materials – for any course or level – they are valid for use through 31 December 2012.

Revised EFR Care for Children Materials
Care for Children manual and DVD -60270
Care for Children manual ala carte- 70179
Care for Children DVD ala carte – 70993
Care for Children student exam- 71812
Care for Children instructor guide- 79190

In case you missed it, the updated EFR Instructor Trainer materials are also in and shipping. You can also read our earlier posts about the updated CPR/AED materials or Primary/Secondary Care materials.

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