Poll: Do You Still Use Any of Your Original Dive Gear?

I was reading the latest issue of California Diver the other day. In the opening letter, the editor talks about what pieces of gear people hang on to. It got me thinking…

I wonder what pieces of scuba gear do divers use the longest?

I still use my original computer and dry suit. Everything else has been retired or relegated to spare gear. With that in mind, here’s a poll for PADI Instructor News readers.

Do You Still Use Any of Your Original Dive Gear?

Use the poll results when counseling a new divers on gear, or create your own survey for your enewsletter or Facebook page (using Facebook questions). Utilize your poll results develop a special promo. For example, if it turns out that BCDs are the item most folks haven’t replaced – plug the great new options you have in stock and a special offer for Facebook fans / dive club members, etc.

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