Get PADI News on your iPhone or iPad

A PADI Instructor News reader (you know who you are) recently asked:
how can I get PADI Instructor News updates on my iPad?
Great question!

First, download a reader from the app store such as Feeddler or Flipboard.

Caveat: this is not an official endorsement a particular app.  Feeddler and Flipboard are two free options. NewsRack, and Reeder are other options. Please do your homework to decide which of the many apps is right for you.

If you already have a Google account (such as gmail) you may be able to login with those credentials. Otherwise, it will prompt you to set up a new account.

Android Users
There is an unofficial Google Reader app, Feedly, and Pulse are highly-recommended (by tech-bloggers).

When your Apple or Android app installation is complete, input the feed address below to subscribe to PADI Instructor News updates:

Depending on the app you use, a little icon will appear on your screen when a new article has posted. If you subscribe to more than one website, you’ll see a list of sites and an icon indicating new info.

Email subscribers may need to click through to view the screengrabsin this article. Please pardon the low-fi appearance. I had to snap pictures of my iPod Touch with my cell phone camera.

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