Top 5 Deep Dive Activity Ideas

Recently on the PADI Pro’s LinkedIn Group, instructors discussed underwater activities for teaching the Deep Diver Specialty and also the Advanced Open Water deep adventure dive.

Pasted below are the top five suggestions from the group. Some are strictly color change at depth (AOW adventure dive) while others include ideas for showing pressure change at depth (Deep Specialty).

Coozies on a String

Take three neoprene can coozies of different colors strung on a short length of rope. Tie a small lead weight to one end.

  • Using different colored coozies allows you to show color change at depth. Use your dive light to reveal the coozies “real” color.
  • The neoprene shows how a diver’s wetsuit compresses at depth and loses some of its thermal properties
  • It also shows how compression affects buoyancy – at the surface the cozies stayed afloat, but at depth the weight is more than enough to sink them. This demonstrates how a wetsuit loses buoyancy and the diver’s need to adjust for pressure differences.
Two Soda Bottles
  • Bring down two identical plastic bottles:* one filled with water and one filled with air.
  • At depth, show students the difference the crushed “air” bottle.
  • Next, open the cap allowing the crushed bottle to take on its normal shape. Water will fill the bottle to a level dependent on your depth.
  • Bring the bottle up to the surface and use it during the dive debriefing.
  • Hold the pressurized bottle inverted and slowly open the cap to allow the water to spray out and the air expand out to cap at atmospheric pressure.

* The instructor who posted this suggestion recommends using a soda bottle which will come back to shape better than a thinner water bottle not designed for pressure.

Student Slate from Advanced Crewpak
PADI Adventures in Diving Advanced Open Water slate
product no. 69230

A few years back we developed a new student slate for the Adventures in Diving course. The slate now includes knot-tying diagrams and a color chart.  Now you have a basic rainbow at your disposal. No more stealing paint sample cards from Home Depot and laminating them! Not that I ever did that…

This item is available ala carte – product no. 69230.

Tupperware’s Shape-O-Toy: – $25.74 from (free shipping)

  1. Shows color changes at depth
  2. Works as a mental challenge (and a dexterity challenge if students are diving with gloves)
  3. To make it more difficult, write black numbers above each hole and challenge students to solve the puzzle in sequence
Egg Magic Trick

Demonstrate the effects of pressure at depth with this floating egg yolk magic trick.

  1. Descend to 90 – 100 feet and gather divers around you in a circle.
  2. Show the students the egg magician-like. Look, it’s just a normal egg.
  3. Carefully crack the egg open with your dive knife or other implement.
  4. The yolk will stay in the shape of a small ball.
  5. If divers are close together you can play ping-pong with the yolk (be gentle).

    Watch a video of divers playing with an egg yolk underwater.

Important considerations for the egg magic trick:

  • This trick works best at 85+ ft but please let safety dictate your depth.
  • If you can get a double-yoke egg it’s extra-trippy (ask at your local farmer’s market) .
  • Do not attempt this trick in an area where fish-feeding is prohibited.
  • Vegan divers probably won’t like this trick.

If you have any deep dive activity ideas you’d like to share, please leave them as a comment below.


4 Replies to “Top 5 Deep Dive Activity Ideas”

  1. Hi
    I ran out resources to show pressure effects beside my water bottle , so I clipped my flip flop on my BCD to simulate the effect of the pressure on divers wet suit(neoprene). Worked perfectly!!!
    Few Lego parts on string worked perfect for color change demonstration accompanied with video light bringing true colors back when lighted up.

  2. Put a different colored child’s first aid bandage on each diver’s hand, dorsal side, and note the change in color at depth vs surface. Highly recommended to weight down different Tupperware toy parts so as to not float away at depth!

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