New Rebreather Materials Now Shipping – Tec 40 CCR

TecRec 40 Rebreather Materials

PADI’s new Tec 40 CCR Rebreather materials are now available and shipping.

Due to technical difficulties, these new items have not been added to PADI’s online shopping cart. We expect this to be only a temporary problem; however, if you want to order the new Tec 40 CCR materials ASAP, please contact your PADI Americas sales rep.

For a list of approved rebreathers for use with PADI programs, visit the PADI Pro’s Site:

1. Click on Training Essentials from the main menu.
2. Choose TecRec from the drop down menu.
3. Lastly, scroll down for the Register of Rebreather units.

Tec 40 CCR materials
– for the student

Tec 40 CCR Student Manual CD-ROM
Product no. 70997

Suggested retail: $55.75
The student manual is available on CD-ROM only. We do not have a paper version of this product.

Tec CCR “Type T” Predive Check Slate
Product no. 60231
(use with Tec 40/60/100 courses)
Suggested retail: $13.05
At the time of writing (1 Feb 2011), the Tec predive check slate is the only item we don’t have in stock. It’s due in late Feb 2011 and can be pre-ordered.

Tec 40 CCR materials
– for the instructor

Tec 40 CCR Lesson Guides CD-ROM
Product no. 70965

Member price: $57.35

Tec 40 CCR Instructor Guide – CD-ROM
Product no. 70958

Member price: $56.95

Includes the following instructor guides:

  • Tec 40 CCR Diver course
  • PADI Discover Rebreather program
  • Tec 40 CCR Qualifier Guide
  • Tec 40 CCR Refersher Guide

Tec 40 CCR Student Exam
Product no. 71901

(answer key / sheet can be found in the instructor guide)
Member price: $7.65

Tec 40 CCR Instructor Slates
Product no. 60289

Member price: $57.10



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