Scuba Diver Gifts – Geek Gadgets and Toys

Every year I struggle to think of holiday gifts for my diver friends and co-workers. So this year I started early and ended up with two posts worth of ideas!

We’ll start with part one: Geek Gadgets and Toys. Part two I’ll publish later this month.

Tchotchke Gift Ideas
($20 or less)

Lego makes an Atlantis series with divers, sharks, etc. You can buy the figurines as a keychain or magnet. All the items pictured below are $10 or less; if you want to go for something a little more expensive, there are complete playsets such as Gateway of the Squid and City of Atlantis.

lego atlantis scuba diver magnet set of three figures

PADI Water Bottle
Who doesn’t drink water?
This is a gift anyone can appreciate. It comes in blue or red.
82285 for blue or 82290 for red
Diver Gift Ideas from $20 – $40

This luggage scale is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Leave it to my mom (who doesn’t dive) think up this extremely practical and useful gift. I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

By now you’ve probably seen the youtube video of the remote-controlled flying shark surprising people in dorm rooms and hallways. It’s called an Air Swimmer. Not only is it a fun gift, one of these would be a clever attention-getter at a trade show (boat show, bridal show, etc). You could attach your store logo / booth number and fly it around the exhibit hall.

Bill at Scuba Views (Las Vegas, NV) was the first person to give us a heads-up about the Air Swimmers and has some in stock. If you’re interested, call 702 645 0516 and ask for Bill or Marilyn.

Diver Gift Ideas $50 and Up

scuba diver gift idea waterproof iPad bagAt the NW Dive and Travel Expo I got to play around with a waterproof iPad bag. Unlike bags that just protect your device from water / dirt, this one allows you to use the iPad while it’s in the sealed bag. Here’s a review.

PADI’s Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving is also a good gift item. It includes more than 100 videos including:

Mobile Phones for Scuba Divers  / Watersports Enthusiasts / Klutzes
There are dozens of cell phones to choose from these days, but only two (I know of) that can handle the diver lifestyle. The Motorola Defy (T-Mobile)caught my eye last year here’s  a video showing the Motorola Defy in a container of water – with more water being poured over it. If you really want to dig in to the specs and performance of this phone,  here’s a review  from Engadget.

A second water-resistant phone also became available this year. The Xperia Active can be dunked in water and (supposedly) the touch screen works even if you have wet fingers. Sony has a promo video of Maria Sharapova showing off the Xperia’s features. If you stare at her outfit long enough a 3-D dinosaur appears. This is a GSM phone (T-Mobile or AT&T users here in the US).

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