Top 10 Ways to Capture Holiday Dollars

Holiday Promo Ideas for Scuba

The average holiday shopper will spend $700 – $800 this yearand complete the majority of their shopping before December 15th

More Holiday Shopping By the Numbers

  • In 2010, shoppers spent $112 more last year than they planned – $811 on average.
  • 57% of shoppers surveyed said they intended to take advantage of holiday discounts to buy for themselves.
  • Shoppers using credit cards spent $896 on average.

With these facts in mind…PADI Instructor News is proud to present:

Top 10 Holiday Ideas for Dive Retailers

1. A Holiday DSD – Discover Santa Diving
Ugly Christmas sweaters have polluted holiday cards far too long. Offer an alternative to cheeseball family photos with Scuba Santa. Tell the local media about your event, and your scuba event could end up in the paper!  Read more about preparing for a Scuba Santa event.

2. The Equipment Specialist Course Puts Scuba Gear on Their Wish List
Invite students to learn about the “care and feeding” of their equipment. Offer save a dive kit packages and showcase your latest and greatest gear. Invite equipment reps to help with demos, and show “How It’s Made” equipment/tank manufacturing videos from PADI’s Encyclopedia DVD-ROM (part no 70833). Read Scuba Steve’s tips for teaching an equipment specialty course.

3. Holiday Deal of The Day
Post a daily special to your Facebook page and/or website and encourage customers to check back every day for a new deal. Call it 12 Days o’ Deals and promote it in advance via your enewsletter and Facebook page. 87 Percentage of shoppers said they won’t buy gifts unless there is a discount of at least 20% so promote the specific dollar or percent savings of your deal.

You could offer an all-around deal such as 20% off any dive computer in stock with purchase of BC/Reg – today only or a limited quantity offer such as 2012 unlimited air fill card – $200 – first five customers to call or come in today.

4. Seal Team = Mother’s Little Helper
The week between Christmas and New Years is a great time to offer a Seal Team program. Once the shine of new presents has warn off, house-bound kids want something fun to do with their friends. A Seal Team “day camp” provides a mental health break for parents and a memorable activity for kids.

5. Make Holiday Shopping a “No Brainer”
Figuring out what gifts to buy is a big challenge for most shoppers. Make purchasing easy with gift ideas / packages in a variety of price ranges: (under $50, under $100, etc). You could have an equipment care kit, a “World’s Best Dive Buddy” training package with Rescue Diver and EFR, a dive traveler package, etc.
53% of shoppers say they will use the internet to research gift ideasso don’t forget to post the list of ideas / packages to your website and on Facebook.

6. One in Four Shoppers will buy virtual gifts
A recent survey  noted – 27% of holiday shoppers plan to purchase digital goods this year (e-books, music, etc). Folks buying digital goods tend to be younger, male and university-educated. Does that demographic sound familiar?  Shoppers with a digital preference also planned to spend $440 more than shoppers who aren’t in the market for digital goods. As a PADI Pro you can offer eLearning gift passes – read more about buying / using eLearning Gift Passes.

7. Don’t forget non-divers
Make your dive business one-stop shopping. Be sure customers know about some of your great non-diving gift ideas like a family first-aid package with hands-on training and a first aid kit. Swimming supplies and fun underwater toys can round out a holiday shopper’s list.

Flex Clock – part no. 82299

8. Why should I buy from you?
A charity tie-in gives customers a feel-good reason for spending their gift-giving dollars with you. Here are some ideas:

  • A Giving Tree – decorate a tree with paper or glass ornaments tagged with a prize or discount on a future purchase. Invite customers to bring in five cans of food in exchange for selecting an ornament off the tree. Not into trees? Create a custom scratch its instead.


  • Make a donation based on sales or FB Likes –  For every dive computer sold from 1-31 Dec we’ll donate $25 to XYZ charity (such as Project AWARE) – OR – we’ll donate $5 for every new “Like” to our Facebook page this holiday season (specify dates) – see example here.


9. Create a holiday gift center
Feature your holiday packages and ideas in a special area of your store. Make a simple display by wrapping empty boxes in holiday paper and placing gift items on top or take an existing display and decorate with garland. Include products in a wide price range and a sign promoting “gift certificates available.”

10. Holiday thank you party
Invite your dive club members and students certified during 2011 to a special party. Certificates of recognition for Most Improved Diver, Most Dives Logged, or 2011 Master Scuba Divers are a great reason for people to attend. The magic of experienced students and shop staff mingling with new divers typically leads to con-ed classes and charter spots filled!

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