Automatic emails to PADI eLearning Students

Communication Tools for Online  Students

PADI eLearning students automatically receive an email each time they complete a section of the online course. Here’s an example:

Subject: You Have Begun Your PADI eLearning Course

Congratulations on beginning PADI Open Water Diver Online! Completing the knowledge development portion of this course is your first step towards becoming a certified PADI Open Water Diver. Keep up the good work. If you need any assistance during this course, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

The email above goes out automatically unless you change it. By customizing the message you can provide useful information and reminders for your students. For example:

  • Contact info and hours of operation
  • Medical form heads-up
  • Contact us ASAP to schedule your pool and open water dives
  • Rental gear is provided but each student needs their own mask, fins, snorkel, etc.
  • We’re running a special on mask, fin and snorkel packages
  • Useful technical information
    (ex. iPad users will need to download a Flash app to make eLearning work)

Sample Welcome Email
In case it’s helpful, here’s a sample eLearning welcome email . Just copy and paste the text into the eLearning website (see instructions below). You can have a custom message done in fifteen minutes.

HOW TO: edit eLearning auto-emails.

  1. Login to as the Store Admin
    (see below if you are an independent instructor)
  2. Click on Course Maintenance
  3. Click on Add/Edit Section Emails
  4. Click the Select Sections button
  5. Under Add Section Email, Open Water Diver Course (RDP and Dive Computers) Introduction should now be displayed. Click the Continue button.
Can’t Login?
If you don’t know your eLearning login, click the Forgot Password button on the login screen.

Create a “congratulations” (Course Completion) email.

The Course Completion email can be edited in the User Maintenance Menu (as opposed to section emails – as described above).

Some key points you could mention:

  • About that medical form… seriously, have ya looked at it?
  • A checklist of items the student needs to complete prior to their first session(ex. complete the quick quiz, attend orientation, schedule pool session)
  • Invite the student to bring a friend to the last pool session for a free discover scuba
  • Invite student to visit the store / we look forward to seeing you soon.

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