Revised EFR Materials Now Shipping

EFR Primary Secondary Care ILCOR  Revision

The EFR Primary and Secondary Care course materials, updated with the new ILCOR guidelines, are now shipping. Revised Care for Children and CPR/AED course materials will be available in approximately November 2011.

Important info

  • The new materials are available in English only (for now)
  • There are some new product numbers (denoted in yellow below).
  • Cost of the revised materials =  same as the old materials.
  • You may continue to use any old material you have in stock (with the errata)
  • Required use of the new material: 30 July 2012 (if available in the student’s language).

Primary / Secondary Care student materials

60224 – P/S student crewpak – includes manual and DVD
50037 – Care at a Glance card
70370 – P/S student manual ala carte (was 70091)
70983 – P/S student DVD ala carte (was 70867MUL)

Primary / Secondary Care Instructor materials

67040 – P/S instructor guide
71825 – P/S final exam (was 71806)
71826 – P/S exam answer sheet (was 10247)

Primary / Secondary Care Instructor Trainer materials (can only be purchased by EFR IT’s / PADI Course Directors)

71850 – EFR P/S instructor course exam (was 71850)
71851 – EFR P/S instructor course answer sheet (was 71851)

The only revised EFR IT material available right now is the Primary Secondary Care instructor exam. The complete Instructor Trainer guide and lesson guides will be available Novemberish 2011. We are waiting for the Care for Children and CPR/AED materials to be revised before releasing new EFR IT materials.

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