New PPB PADI Specialty Materials

New PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Materials Now Shipping

The Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty provides a trifecta of benefits for the diver: conserve air, lose weight, and protect the marine environment. “PPB” is also PADI’s second most popular specialty after Enriched Air.
PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Manual and DVD crewpak part number 60177
PPB crewpak – product no. 60177
(now with 50% less neon)

It’s been more than ten years since we added PPB to the PADI specialty roster, and the new materials include some useful updates. There is a new student manual (we only had a booklet before) and an completely updated DVD (now with 50% less neon in the wetsuits).

PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy instructor Guide part number 70236
New PPB instructor guide – product no. 70236
There is a new instructor guide (product no. 70236). It’s not mandatory to switch to the new guide, but there are two sets of knowledge reviews in the new student manual and only the new guide has both sets of knowledge review answers. Similarly, you may continue using the prior version of the student materials.

About the PPB Knowledge Reviews
Knowledge Review Part I is the same as the Peak Performance Buoyancy section of the Adventures in Diving manual. The answers can be found in the PPB instructor guide or downloaded from the PADI Pro’s Site (Curriculum – Exams and Assessments – Adventures in Diving)

There is a second set of knowledge reviews in the new student manual. The answers are only available in the new instructor guide.

What Else is New?
The new student materials and instructor guide include useful information about buoyancy training for students using rebreathers.

The new materials are available starting today. Contact your PADI Sales Rep or order online from the PADI Pro’s Site. Here are some useful part numbers:

Revised PPB instructor guide: part no. 70236

New student crewpak: 60177. Includes:

  • New PPB student manual: 79315
  • Revised PPB student DVD: 70858

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