Ideas Wanted

If you’ve ever had a great idea for a dive video or other creative project  you can apply for funding through a website called Kickstarter.

Kickstarter exists to help folks fund projects, to make ideas happen. I’ve donated to the creator of City of Portland playing cards and helped fund an album for the Blue Scholars.

How does this apply to scuba?

Well, PADI’s got this $5000 video contest going called Sea the Change. Maybe your video idea is amazing but you need a little money to make it happen – Kickstarter could help you raise the funds.

What else?

You could also raise money for a sign promoting diving at your local open water training site or pool. Or, if you do a lot of school presentations and want to make a brochure about careers in diving, kickstarter could help you raise the money to create it.

There are certain guidelines. Kickstarter exists to fund projects – something with a finite beginning and end date. You can’t use the site for general fundraising, but you can use it to create something that you later sell.

One of Kickstarter’s biggest success stories is the Lunatik watch. A guy created a watch strap for the iPod nano and raised one million dollars.

Over a million dollars is pledged through Kickstarter’s website every week. Between 30-48% of projects get funded. So if you’ve got a great idea, don’t be shy. Build Nemo 33 for North America!

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