New PIC Online Tool for PADI Stores

Sub-User Accounts for PADI Pro’s Site

The sub-user (aka delegate) accounts allow store employees to access the Online Processing Center without having access to everything on the PADI Pro’s Site. A delegate account can send digital codes and certify students / DSDs, but that’s it.

Up to twenty delegate accounts may be added to a store’s account; however, only three may be active at any one time.

Here’s How to Get Started

PADI PIC Online delegate account set up

  • Log in to the PADI Pro’s Site as the store
  • Choose My Account from the main menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the My Account screen
  • Choose  “Administrator Delegate Function”
  • Accept the Terms of Use

Add a New User

  • On the Add/Delete Users page, click “Add New Delegate”
  • Input the new user information (the person does not have to be a PADI Member)
  • There is a limit of three active sub-users. You can create up to 100 delegate accounts, but only three can be active at one time. You can choose who is active or inactive on the fly.IMPORTANT: If the user is a PADI Member, the email address used for the delegate login CANNOT be the same as their email address used for their regular PADI Pro login. A different email must be used.
Add additional users to PADI PIC Online account

Test the New User Account
Log out of the PADI Pro’s Site
Log back in as sub-user to test the new account.


Once logged in as the sub-user, the only menu item available will be PIC Online

Important info:

  • Delegate users cannot purchase PIC online / digital codes from the Pro’s Site because they don’t have access to the online shopping cart.
  • Please use only Chrome or Firefox when interacting with PADI’s websites. Adding a delegate user is not optimized to work with Safari or a mobile device.
  • Your delegate will have access to the entire Online Processing Center (OLPC) including PIC online Processing and sending / certifying eLearning and Touch students. At this time there is no way to limit access to certain parts of the OLPC.

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