5 Ways to Improve your Facebook Page

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page

Why should you care about Facebook?
If you bought a billboard would you pay for one on a old highway? Or would you buy a billboard on the interstate? Adults, especially those 34 and younger are flocking away from the old email highway and towards social media sites such as Facebook (see graph below).

2010 email use statistics by age
The average US internet user spends 38 minutes per day using Facebook – this includes adults of all ages.

As communication habits change, you have to go where the eyeballs are.

I have a Facebook page, so I’m good, right?
The ideas below can help you boost your number of FB fans and help retain and engage the followers you already have.

First let’s take a look at why people stop following a business on Facebook.  This gives us an idea of what FB users’ expectations are. Email subscribers may need to click through to view the graphic below.

why people unlike on Facebook
Information and graphic above from Dreamgrow.com

Idea #1 – Tasty Content
One of the top reasons for un-liking (38%) was “the content was repetitive or boring over time.” People use Facebook because they want to have fun and be entertained. To that end, here are some ideas for fun and engaging content:

On Your Wall
Two PADI members are use fun fish facts on their Facebook wall:

  • Ocean First Divers (Colorado) – Fish of the Day
  • Pacific Wilderness (California) –  Mystery Fish  FB fans are challenged to guess what  the mystery fish is.
mystery fish of the day

Ask a Facebook Question….
In the same spot where you’d post a status update, you can ask a question or create a poll.

For example:

  • What type of fins are better: blades or split?
  • To our female divers: how do you feel about pink dive gear for women?
  • What is the most useful specialty to have?
how to use Facebook Questions

#2 Always write back
If a customer takes the time to engage you by someone writes on your wall, or posts a picture, acknowledge them with a friendly reply. It seems obvious, but not everyone does this.

#3 Offer a Facebook-exclusive promo
Facebook users expect special deals for “Liking” you on Facebook. Here are some promo ideas to maintain their loyalty:

Pacific Wilderness Facebook Special Offer Page April 2011


2011 Unlimited air fill card for $200

“Unlimited” sounds scary to a business owner, but studies show consumers vastly over-estimate how much they’ll use something that’s unlimited. Curb your risk by offering this to the “first 10 callers – limit one per person”

Are you (or your gear) in need of a Tune Up?
Like us on Facebook and get 2-for-1 scuba review or regulator service. Invite your friends to “Like” us for a 2-for-1 Discover Scuba Pool Experience.

June special – Enriched Air Class $99 with 10 sign-ups

Run a Groupon-style promotion among your Faceboook fans. Using the example above, if 10 people sign up and provide their credit card information, the deal is “on” and the discount stands. Use your Facebook wall to post updated on how many more sign ups are needed to tip the deal.

Useful Info:
When you’re ready to run a promo, here are some directions how to create a promotional landing page.

#4 Add an enewsletter sign-up link
Give FB users the option to join your email list. Constant Contact and Mail Chimp have free FB apps that add an enewsletter sign-up link to your page.

#5 Try Facebook ads
May social media experts argue that  Facebook ads are more effective than Google ads due to their ability to micro target. Google recently released a try-Google-ads-free offer, so maybe there’s some meat to that statement?

For an interesting discussion of Facebook ads, and how to get 40,000 Facebook fans in 4 Days, check out this article about Weekly World News (Bat Boy Lives!!!!)

Is Your Facebook Account at Risk to be Deleted?

Some saavy folks in our industry have identified a rampant problem. Many dive businesses have set up Facebook Profiles rather than Facebook Pages.

If you are using a Facebook Profile for your business, you are in violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service Agreement. Your account could be deleted without warning and it means all your Friend contacts will be lost.There’s a simple way to tell whether your business has a page or a profile

At the top of your Facebook page next to your name does it say “Add as Friend” or “Like”?

Read more about the difference between Profiles and Pages and why Pages are much better for businesses.

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