Design Your Own Boardshorts

Ever taken a photo and thought, this would look really bitchin’ on some boardshorts?

Okay, me neither. But since I read about Short-O-Matic, the idea has been on my mind. The California design shop allows you to upload an image and have it printed on “robust polyester microfibre” shorts.

You could make garibaldi shorts, shorts with your dive center logo, or just use your arse as billboard space for “” In case you’re wondering, the starting price is $99. Hey, they’re one of a kind shorts. Also, a portion of the proceeds are donated to Global Green USA.

There are a ton of underwater images already available (see above). They offer men’s and women’s sizing. Email subscribers may need to click through to view images.

Ladies, for other fun and custom swimsuit options, check out my write up on


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