Updating Your About Us page to Attract New Customers

The About Us Page = A Dating Profile for Your Business

The About Us page is the #2 most-visited page for most new customers. Unfortunately, many businesses  haven’t updated their About Us page in years. Today we’ll  take a quick look at what makes a good About Us page and why it’s an important to attract new customers.

The About Us page is like a dating profile for your business. The customer will read about you online and decide if they want to start a business relationship.  58% of Americans research a business online before making a purchase.  Just like online dating: people want to check you out before meeting in person.


When you’re ready to take a whack at revising your About Us page, use the questions and ideas below to inspire your writing. For those of you with a Facebook page –  consider updating the “Info” section of your FB page as well.

  • Why did you start your dive business?
  • Why do you love what you do?
  • How do you do this better than anyone else?
  • How are you different than the other stores in town
    (ex. we follow green business practices).
  • Where are you located?
  • Why should divers buy equipment from you?
  • How and when can you be contacted?
  • Link to customer testimonials and notable clients
  • Link to your Facebook page
  • Link to your staff page

Don’t Hurt My Eyeballs
Several short paragraphs are better than one long paragraph. After 4-5 lines of text, people stop reading and start scanning. Break up large blocks of information using bullet points when possible, and edit paragraphs to no more than four lines of text.

Brag a Little
Create a bullet-ed list to of community or industry awards you’ve received and any notable clients (such as the local fire department) – click here for an example. Also include quotes from happy customers, or a link to your testimonials page if you have one – example.


  • Include a picture of your building to help people find you.
  • Include a group photo of smiling divers or staff
    (research shows – photos of people are more appealing than photos of things)
  • Bonus Points: add a video

Randomness = Good
As a non-diver, I need to know that you’re professional and won’t drown me, but scuba is also supposed to be fun.

Put something on your page so I know you’re going to show me a good time. This could be a fun photo or just in the way you words things – click here for an example.

For additional ideas, read INC Magazine’s article: How to Design a Great About Us page.

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