Sell Nitrox Classes Using the Dive Computer Simulator

The Enriched Air materials (dive computer option) include a computer simulator and air analyzer the student uses to learn about the proper procedures for diving enriched air.

As an instructor, you can use the Enriched Air Dive Computer simulator to help new divers understand the value of Nitrox visually.

In the screengrab below, the diver using regular air has only three minutes of no-decompression time remaining at the current depth. The Enriched Air Diver has 45 minutes remaining.

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By showing an image like this and asking, “which of these divers would you rather be?” it really drives the point home.
The enriched air dive computer simulator isn’t available on its own, but can be purchased in either of the Enriched Air crewpaks (dive computer option) 70480 or 70470. Contact your PADI Sales Consultant for pricing.

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