How Many Instructors Teach with Tables Vs. Computers (Nitrox)

PADI Enriched Air Materials Use 2009 – 2010

The dive computer option for PADI’s Enriched Air specialty launched in December 2009. The charts below show how many PADI Members are now using our dive computer materials to teach nitrox.

Yellow represents units sold for the dive table option.
Green represents units sold for the dive computer option
Beige represents Nitrox eLearning – which is also the dive computer option.

Please keep in mind that last year (2010) the dive computer option was available in English only. In other words, some of the PADI Americas Members using tables did not have the dive computer option available to them. This year (2011) the computer-only materials are newly available in Dutch, Japanese, Español, French and German.

If you’re interested in switching to the dive computer option, here are some useful part numbers:

70122 – Nitrox exam*
70244 – Instructor guide*

70480 – Student kit with manual, DVD and computer simulator*
70907 – Prescriptive lesson guides

* required for the instructor

Transitioning from tables to the computer option:
From the first quarter PADI 2011 Training Bulletin (page 2) :

Although you can still acquire EANx RDP Tables and teach their use during your Enriched Air Diver courses, at some point in the future, PADI Offices will discontinue carrying these products. If you haven’t made the switch from tables to computers yet, please consider making the transition to the computer-based program.

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