Best Underwater Videos of 2010

Here are some cool diving videos I came across this year. Email subscribers may need to click through to view the videos.

This is a free-diving video, but cool nonetheless. These divers aren’t even wearing fins! Keep watching to see behind the scenes footage.

From GrindTv.comvia Michael Jannsen…

While filming in Kona, a Manta Ray scooped up camera man Travis Matteson’s $10,000 camera rig. The manta eventually released the equipment and it was retrieved undamaged. Matteson’s filming his partner, Johnny Reidt, captured the incident (see video below):

The crew was on the Kona Aggressor working on an episode of Into the Drink. The Kona episode is set to air sometime next year.

If you have any favorite underwater videos from 2010, please post a comment below!


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