New PADI Divemaster Program Debuts

Revised PADI Divemaster Materials Now Shipping

Is it me or is this Divemaster program revision a pretty freakin’ big deal? I have a two page list of people who said, “you’ve got to let me know when the new materials are available!” Well my friends, it’s on like Donkey Kong.

All the new materials are in stock and shipping! 
The new instructor guide has been posted to the Pro’s Site!

For an overview of PADI’s changes to the Divemaster program, take a look at the 4th Quarter 2010 Training Bulletin and read our Divemaster FAQs for PADI Instructors.

To begin teaching the new course, you’ll need the new instructor guide (free download) and the new materials. We have a special package – one each of the new materials – that I’ll tell you about in a moment.

Exam is not a free download

The new DM instructor guide, is now available on the PADI Pro’s Site as a free download. Here’s how to get it:

After logging on: click on Training Essentials followed by Curriculum. There are other are materials online for the new course including:

  • New Divemaster pages for the Guide to Teaching
  • The new knowledge review answers
  • The new exam answers
  • … and other materials.

Please note: the new DM exam must be purchased – it is not available as a download.

If you have candidates currently enrolled in the prior curriculum, or materials in stock – don’t worry. The previous program is valid through 1 July 2011. This program may be a better choice for candidates who don’t have many dives and are eager to start. The new program requires 40 logged dives to start, and the previous program only required 20.

Additionally, it is possible to have two Divemaster candidates in the same class who are in different versions of the program. It will require a bit of organization by the instructor – but it’s not against any standards.

What happens to a candidate who hasn’t finished the old program by 1 July 2011? The candidate can continue in the program they started with. The candidate should not switch to the new program and they don’t need to purchase new materials.

Below is a rundown of the new materials. If you want to order one each of the new items there is a DEMA special – $151.60 for all six new products. If you’re a PADI Americas member, contact your sales rep this week and ask for package number: 82593.

New and Revised Products

  • Divemaster lesson guides (70918)
    with prescriptive technology and presentation notes
  • Divemaster instructor cue cards (60206)
    four slates – version 1.0
  • Divemaster manual
    (available in the DM crewpak or instructor start-up package)
  • Divemaster candidate slates (60207) version 3.0
  • Divemaster candidate DVD (70844)
    required viewing, not included in DM crewpak, includes skill videos
  • Divemaster exam(60225)
    four-pack of new exams, version 3.0

The Skill Evaluation slate (60228) has been revised to include the four new skills but it’s not available until 2011.

Divemaster Online is also available now. Student cost is $200. The eLearning program mirrors the content of the Divemaster manual and DVD. Unlike PADI’s other eLearning courses, DM candidates do not complete the course exam online.

Student Packages

  • DM crewpak (60020) includes all  materials the candidate is required to own (DM manual, slates, instructor manual, Encyclopedia) and the new candidate paperwork.

– This kit also includes a DSD slate and Scuba Tune-Up Guidebook.
– The candidate is required to view the new Divemaster DVD (not included).

  • eLearning crewpak (70921) same as 60020 but does not include Divemaster manual

Available While Supplies Last
70898 – Divemaster Pro-Edition DVD (prior curriculum)
70818MUL – Divemaster modular lesson guides (prior curriculum) includes Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Español)


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