15 Minute Marketing Idea Two-fer

15 Minute Marketing Idea #9 and #10

It’s been several months since our last 15 Minute Marketing Idea – Mobile Barcodes. I just read an article that mobile barcode use is up 700% this year. Whoa. I had no idea so many people read this blog. 🙂

To make up for lost time, here are two tasty new marketing ideas you can execute in 15 minutes or less.

Idea #9 – Alumni Groups

Many of you are members of the PADI Pros LinkedIn Group – what other groups do you belong to and why not invite them to try scuba diving?

Did you know that LinkedIn Members have an average household income of $109,000?

I belong to the University of Portland Alumni Group (go Pilots). A travel operator (class of ’94) recently posted a special deal for alums. The destination wasn’t diving-oriented, but it certainly caught my attention.

LinkedIn Groups and the Alumni Department of your school are both great marketing opportunities that shouldn’t be overlooked. The incentive can be something as simple as a T-Shirt. Use of the school name may be copyright protected, but often there are workarounds. Instead of “University of Portland Diver” the t-shirt could read “Pilot Diver.” Or, set up a discover event tied into alumni weekend with proceeds going to a sports team or scholarship fund.

Idea #10 – Be Our 100th Caller and WIN

Regular readers of this website know my previous life was in the radio biz. I just read about a cheap and easy promotion that marries Facebook and the old radio standby “be caller number 100 and win today’s prize.”

A restaurant in Hilton Head, SC came up with a brilliant new way to bring in business using social media. They posted to their Facebook page something to the effect of, “caller 21 wins a free dinner for two.”

… and then the phones started ringing.

Callers number 7, 8, 9, 10, etc were offered a $25 gift certificate good for 60 days. One person hung up and called back over and over – the restaurant offered this person a max $50 certificate no matter how many times they called.

While You Have the Customer on the Phone
Mention whatever event or special you have coming up. For example:

“Thanks for calling – you’re caller number 12. Sorry you didn’t win the grand prize but….

…you’ve won a $20 gift certificate good at our anniversary sale this weekend.”
…come dive with us this weekend and get a free DPV rental.”

… we have an underwater pumpkin carving contest this Saturday. Grand prize is a new wetsuit”

Here is the video with the blow-by-blow of people calling into the restaurant after they posted their “be caller 21” promotion on Facebook. Oddly they didn’t film the winning call.

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