PADI Undersea Journal 4th Quarter 2010

If you’re a digital subscriber to The Undersea Journal –  the 4th Quarter edition is ready for download. Check your email for the link and be the first instructor in your neighborhood to read about the new Divemaster program.

If you’re not a digital subscriber, you can opt in today and get the 1st Quarter 2011 issue before everyone else gets it in the mail. The digital option is free.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll receive an email when the latest Undersea Journal is available for download. Click and download the magazine to your computer.

What you get is not a .pdf, it’s an electronic version of the magazine distributed by Zinio – and yes they have an iPhone app and an iPad app.

The digital magazines are saved in your online library for future reference. You can print, zoom, screengrab and scroll between pages.

Not sure if you’ll like an electronic magazine?

You can download a magazine for free to try it out. Zinio has a variety of choices such as Business Week and PC Mag. FYI you have to create an account to get the free magazine.

If you’re ready to go digital with Sport Diver or The Undersea Journal, here’s how to do it:

1. Log on to the PADI Pro’s Site
2. Click on My Account
3. Scroll down to the bottom
4. Click on My Preferences
5. Click next to the picture of each magazine to opt in for a digital copy.

You won’t be able to get the 4th Quarter 2010 edition electronically. If you sign up within the next few weeks, your first electronic copy will be 1st Quarter 2011.

Once you opt in for the electronic option we will no longer send you a paper copy of the magazine. You can, however, switch back to paper. Address labels are run approximately six weeks before the magazines get mailed, so there’s a chance you’ll get one more paper copy after opting in for the electronic option depending on when you opt in.

Currently it’s not possible to receive both an electronic and a paper copy – just one or the other.

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