Updated PADI Rescue Diver Materials Now Shipping

PADI has recently updated our Rescue Diver materials in conjunction with the release of Rescue Diver online.

The changes were cosmetic, so if you’ve got rescue materials in stock don’t worry. It’s unlikely anyone will notice the difference because the cover artwork stayed the same.

The changes in a nutshell
We updated the images, some of the DVD footage, and a bit of the wording. For example, we updated references to the open water rescue practices which changed from four exercises to two scenarios.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • All changes were cosmetic, any Rescue Diver materials you have in stock are still valid for teaching.
  • Our product numbers stayed the same.
  • The knowledge reviews / answers have not changed.
  • The exam questions / answers have not changed
  • Packaging stayed the same – the rescue exam got a new cover.
  • Only English-language materials were updated

Updated Rescue Products Blow-By-Blow

Rescue Diver Student DVD 70853 – NOW SHIPPING
Incorporates new footage, references to The Wheel removed.

Rescue Prescriptive Lesson Guides 70877 – NOW SHIPPING
Content matches manual and online content.
Background of the slides changed.
Videos no longer auto-play.

Rescue Pro-Edition DVD 70854 – NOW SHIPPING
New footage incorporated.
References to The Wheel removed.
Updated for standards change to two open water scenarios.

Rescue Diver student manual – COMING SOON
The revised manual includes some new images and also wording changes (“exercises” to “scenarios” for example). We’ll continue to ship the prior version of the rescue manual – which is still valid for teaching – until we run out.

Un-Changed Products

Rescue exam – 70305
The cover changed to match the look of our other exams.
Exam questions and answers remain the same.

Rescue Instructor cue cards – 60205
(already updated in 2009 – new version now shipping).

Rescue Diver Emblem – 21008

Rescue Diver Certificate – 40083

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