PADI eLearning Gift Pass FAQ

Now that summer’s here, I’ve been getting quite a few calls and emails asking, “how do I buy eLearning for a student?” Below I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

What is an eLearning Gift Pass Good for?

  • For independent instructors not affiliated with a store – this is the only way you can offer eLearning.
  • For PADI Dive Centers, an eLearning Gift Pass allows you to seamlessly include eLearning as part of your regular course price (read some sample scenarios) and ensures that the customer affiliates with your store.

Anyone can buy an eLearning Gift Pass (aka Access Pass). As a PADI Member, it’s important that you purchase through the new PADI Pros site (as opposed to regular Here’s how:

  1. Logon to the PADI Pros site (the new one)
  2. From the main menu click Online Services – then choose Access Zone from the drop-down menu
  3. On the new page, click Purchase (left side of the screen)
  4. If you’ve never purchased a code before, click Sign up for a New PADI On-Line Account. Otherwise, sign in and continue to Step 5.Creating a new PADI On-Line Account*
    • Proceed through the registration. It may seem like you personally are signing up for eLearning but keep going.
    • When it asks for your name, use the store name if you’re a store
      (example: First Name “Scuba Steve’s” Last Name: “Dive Center”)
    • Once you’ve created the account, click on the “Home” link to return to the page and click the Purchase button.
  5. Choose how many eLearning classes you want and what kind. The codes can not be changed after you buy them, so pick carefully!
  6. Hit Total and pay with a credit card.**

* To buy eLearning codes, you must create a login just for this site. The Access Zone login is separate from PADI Pros and eLearning.

** For now, the codes must be purchased through the website, we can’t sell you eLearning credits like we can PIC online.

Ready to email codes to your students?
From the PADI Pros’ Site, choose Access Zone, then click on the Manage Access Passes button (bottom right). After signing in, it will take you to a page where you can view and send out the codes to your students.

Later this summer we’ll be offering consumers customizable options with themes and an option for the purchaser to write a personal message on the Gift Pass.

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