PADI Open Water Online Course with Dive Computers

Open Water eLearning Course Now Includes Dive Computer Info

New* Open Water eLearning students will complete a new module about dive computers. Students must complete both the eRDPML/table section and the computer module. The new, sixth module about computers is not a substitute for the dive planning module with table or eRDPML.

* Enrolled as a brand-new student on 8 June 2010or later

Many students will eventually purchase a dive computer, so the online program provides overview of common features, responsible use, and what to do in the event of computer failure. The new module is not an online version of How to Use and Choose Dive Computers, but it covers similar topics and includes a download link to the Dive Computer Simulator.

Our online program informs the student that the dive planning method for their open water dives will be determined by the dive center or instructor. See slide below for the exact wording:

(email subscribers – click through to view the image above)

Instructors are required to provide the student with one of the following: an RDP table, eRDPML or How to Use and Choose Dive Computers manual. PADI offers a bundle of all the required materials for your online student we call them: “eLearning enhancement paks.”

Product No. 70823 – with eRDPML
Product No. 70824 – with table
Product No. 70821 – with computer manual

All of the above kits include a blue logbook, student record file, and one tool for dive planning (table, eRDPML, or computer book).

New Quick Quiz
New eLearning students (enrolled on or after 8 June 2010) must complete a new quick quiz which includes questions about dive computer purchase and use. The quick quiz is a free download from the PADI Pro’s site. Here’s where to find it:

  1. Logon to the PADI Pro’s Site.
  2. From the main menu bar – click on Toolbox
  3. Choose eLearning from the drop down menu
  4. Click the link “Teach PADI eLearning: Quick Reviews and More

Students enrolled before 8 June complete the old 18 question quick quiz. The “old” students won’t be aware of the new computer module. Any student who enrolled June 8 or after – please give them the new, 25 question quiz. Both quizzes are available in the same spot on our website (see directions above).

PADI Stores (and Instructors who’ve purchased an Access Pass) can preview any of our eLearning courses online. Here’s how:

1. Visit
2. Click on User Maintanence
3. Next – click on Preview Course Sections
4. Choose Open Water with RDP and Dive Computers from the drop down menu
5. Click on Section Six (dive computer module)


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