Groupon – It’s Like Getting Paid to Advertise

“It’s Like Getting Paid to Advertise”
How would you like to book 100-200 intros, sign-up dozens of new students, and drive thousands of hits to your website? There’s an e-marketing program called – that can do all three of those things, and they’ll pay you to do it. is an email program that connects local businesses with consumers. Several PADI retailers across the United States have already used to book dozens of new customers and bring in new income. 

One PADI store owner said, “It was like getting paid to advertise; I would offer a groupon every day if they’d let me.”

To hear from retailers who’ve used Groupon, and find out how it can benefit your business, join us next Wednesday June 2nd at 2pm Pacific Time for a teleconference. The program is for PADI IRRA Members only, please contact your sales rep or regional manager for information on how to sign up.

How does Groupon work?
  • Consumers subscribe to Groupon’s daily deal email.
  • The daily deal, offered by a different local business everyday is a group discount
  • There’s always a minimum buy in: 20-50 people have to purchase the daily deal (using a credit card) before it activates.
  • The local business is flooded with calls and their website is inundated with visitors.
  • Groupon collects the payments and keeps about 50% of the take
PADI Members who have used Groupon offered an “Introductory Scuba Lesson” (aka Discover Scuba experience). Sign-up rates have ranged from 94 to over 300. View scuba Groupons that have already run in: San Diego, Seattle and Pittsburg.
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Get to know your local Groupon:
To view the Daily Deal for your city, visit, enter your email address and choose your city from the drop down list. You might even find a deal that will save you money! I’ve personally bought restaurant coupons and surf lessons. 


Click the chart below to view a list of the cities where Groupon is currently operator (or will soon).
If there isn’t a Groupon in your area– there are similar programs operating in other markets. Contact your PADI sales rep for more info.


And speaking of getting paid to advertise…
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