New Open Water Prescriptive Lesson Guides Now Shipping

PADI Open Water PLG’s
Product number: 70852MUL
Member price: $104.90

  • Use whether teaching with tables, the eRDPML or the dive computer option.
  • Allows instructor greater control over the display of information
  • Incluye el Español.

PADI’s Open Water Prescriptive Lesson Guides (aka PLGs) have been completely overhauled to incorporate the most-requested technical changes. We’ve also updated the content to include the eRDPML and dive computer option in addition to the RDP table.

Here are some of the most significant improvements:

Answers are now click-to-reveal

Questions now appear on their own. The answers don’t display automatically anymore.

To display the answers, the instructor can click anywhere on the slide.

Videos are now click-to-play

Similarly, the videos no longer play automatically.

After clicking the yellow “Prescriptive” button, a black box will appear  for the video. To play the video, the instructor can click anywhere in the black box. To pause, click the video again.

Tables, eRDPML or dive computer – it’s your choice

The new PLGs can be utilized with any version of the Open Water course: tables, eRDPML, or the new dive computer option.

Please see thumbnail slide at left for how it’s organized. Click to enlarge.

Technical specifications
  • The new PLGs are on a single DVD-ROM
  • They are Mac and PC compatible
  • The travel videos on the old “disc 2” are no longer available.
  • The total installed file size is over 4GB so please be patient during installation
  • English and Spanish are both on the disc (choose one during installation)
If the list of common issues below does not answer your question, please take a moment to review the instruction booklet that comes with the PLGs.

I can’t get the PLGs to install / it’s taking forever
On some PCs, the PLGs may take awhile to load. Our designer says, “this is a great time to make a cup of tea.” Please give it at least 15 minutes. Most people won’t have this problem, I got my PLGs up and running in less than five minutes.

The videos won’t play (PC only)
You probably don’t have the most current version of Windows Media Player. Try downloading the newest version of Windows Media Player.

Where are the final exam questions / answers?
Because most instructors review missed questions on the exam one-on-one: the final exam questions and answers are not included on the PLGs (they weren’t on the old PLGs either). There is an option to add your own custom slides so if you wish to add the final exam questions and answers you can.


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