Host a Discover Continuing Education Event

Why Don’t We Apply The Discover Scuba Philosophy Beyond Open Water?
A Discover Scuba experience is a great way to get non-divers acquainted with scuba.Why don’t we do this with our continuing education courses?

Why not: Discover Advanced Open Water?
Some instructors utilize multilevel training – introducing Open Water Divers to the Rescue Diver program because they’re sharing a large pool with a Rescue class, for example. This is great if you can do it.
Another way to promote your con-ed courses is to have a Discover Continuing Education Pool Day. Here are a few things you could offer:

  • Rescue demo’s
  • DPVs into the pool
  • A buoyancy clinic
  • Create a “reef” out of plastic toys for divers to photograph
  • A topside navigation course
  • Dry suit demo’s

To get the creative juices flowing, here is a sample event checklist.

If you’re interested in hosting a Continuing Education Pool Day this spring, contact Adrianne Miller (Adrianne.Miller at padi dot com) to receive a customizable email blast and flyer.

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