Digital Option for The Undersea Journal and Sport Diver

You can now sign up to receive Sport Diver and / or The Undersea Journal electronically. This is a free service for PADI Members.

Switch to the electronic versions and you’ll receive an email when the latest issue is available online. What you’ll get is an electronic version of the magazine provided through a system called Zinio it’s not a .pdf.

Not sure if you’ll like an electronic magazine?

Here’s a link where you can download a magazine for free to try it out. FYI you have to create an account to get the free magazine. Looks like there’s also an iPhone app.

If it were me – I’d continue getting the paper copy of Sport Diver and go digital with the UJ.

Sport Diver magazine is a great marketing piece. Leave it at the dentist, the gym, anywhere it might find a curious reader. Attach a business card or two to the inside cover and on the back cover. You never know, right?

This is just my personal opinion, I’m as crunchy granola as they come and of course the more we can do to reduce our paper consumption the better.

If you’re ready to go digital with Sport Diver or The Undersea Journal, here’s how to do it:

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on My Account
  3. From the bulleted list choose My Preferences
  4. Look for the sub-header Publications?
  5. Click the box for digital

Once you choose the electronic option we will no longer send you a paper copy of the magazine. Address labels are run approximately six weeks before the magazines get mailed, so there’s a chance you’ll get one more paper copy after opting in for the electronic option. Currently it’s not possible to receive both an electronic and a paper copy – just one or the other.

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