Dive Computer Version of Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty Materials Now Available

Teach PADI’s Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty with a Dive Computer Instead of Dive Tables

The new student materials are now available for PADI’s Enriched Air Diver course – dive computer version. Previously, this version of the Enriched Air course was only available online.

The new crewpak (product no. 70480) includes:

  • Revised student manual
  • New dive computer simulator for Nitrox
  • Revised student DVD

The EANx DVD (still required viewing) includes all-new footage. It no longer includes the animation of how to use tables to plan an EANx dive and mentions tables only briefly in the first few minutes. The student manual has been re-done in a similar style.

The materials address the same topics you’re used to seeing in our earlier version of the Nitrox course (VENTID, Oxygen toxicity, etc) but with a computer focus. For example: in the O2 partial pressure section, the manual and DVD discuss setting limits using a dive computer.

We show a variety of dive computers to show setting partial pressure limits, finding maximum depth, etc. But ultimately the student is responsible for getting to know their gear. There is a new practical application where the student must demonstrate they know how to use the Enriched Air settings on their dive computer.

So… (you may be asking)…

What if I want to keep teaching Enriched Air with dive tables? 

PADI will continue to stock a Nitrox crewpak with dive tables. Use the same product number and (for the short term) you’ll receive the same student materials you’re use to seeing.

In 2010, the “old” manual and DVD will be replaced with the new manual and DVD. At this point, an instructions for use book will ship with the crewpak since the new manual and DVD will do not address table use. If you plan to keep teaching Nitrox with tables, you may want to invest in a few copies of the DVD (product no 70870MUL). I’ve always found that animation useful for explaining multi-table use and the new DVD won’t have it.

Individual product numbers:
New student crewpak 70480
New Manual 70460
New DVD 70906 (run time 37 min)
New Nitrox exam 70122
New Nitrox exam answer sheet 70115
New EANx instructor guide 70244 (released earlier this year)

New Prescriptive Lesson Guides 70907 – Available now.
(available for pre-order, shipping in early 2010)

You can order the products above from our online shopping cart – except for the Prescriptive Lesson Guides. For any pre-order materials, please contact us directly.

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