PADI IDC material online — available now

PADI IDC Candidates may now complete a portion of their IDC program online through PADI’s eLearning system. The online course reduces the IDC program time by approximately two days.

With the eLearning option, IDC candidates and Course Directors have more time to devote to in-water sessions and workshops. View the current cost for IDC online.

The decision to put certain sections of the course online was based on survey results from PADI Course Directors worldwide and the program was field tested during 2008 and 2009.In areas where eLearning is not accessible or translations are unavailable, the Course Director may complete the nine eLearning sections in person.

Students can register for the IDC online material in two ways:

  1. By clicking the eLearning link on a Five Star/ Five Star IDC or CDC dive center website.
  2. Or, by visiting and choosing a Five Star IDC or CDC from our dive center locator.

The IDC online program was revealed at DEMA 2009 and includes nine sections:

  • General Standards and Procedures*
  • Learning the PADI System
  • Risk Management*
  • Marketing diving
  • Promoting Discover Scuba and Open Water programs*
  • Teaching PADI Specialty courses
  • Business of Diving*
  • Promoting continuing education programs*
  • How to teach the RDP

* These programs have a “part two” discussion component to be completed in person with the Course Director.

The student will need a current PADI Instructor manual (free download from the PADI Pro’s Site) and student diver materials for OW, AOW and Rescue to reference during the online training.

Whether using eLearning or doing an entirely classroom option, all IDC candidates will need the materials from the  IDC crewpak.

The nine sections may be completed in any order. The candidate must complete a short assessment at the end of each section to verify section completion.

When the student has finished all nine sections, they can print out an eRecord for their CD / IDC/ CDC facility. The candidate must also bring a SWOT analysis, along with a two marketing plans for review and discussion during the classroom portion of their IDC.

Is it possible to preview the online IDC material?


  1. The IDC eLearning slides are in the new PADI Course Director Manual (available now).


  • PADI Dive Centers can also preview the course from After logging in, choose “User Maintenance” followed by “Preview Course Sections.”


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