Four More Holiday Marketing Ideas

Fact: 75% of people complete their holiday shopping
before December 15th.
How will you attract holiday dollars? 

Make holiday shopping a “no brainer” with a holiday gift idea flyer

  • Create a page of gift ideas in a variety of price ranges: (under $20, under $50, and under $100).
    (see an example from 2008).
  •  Distribute a flyer to each student and tuck one in every shopping bag.
  •  On the backside, promote an upcoming dive trip
    – or a coupon such as, “spend $100 between 1-31 Dec and receive a free air fill card.” 
  • Add festive holiday images from clip art or google images, and you’re ready to go.   

Post gift ideas online: 
(website homepage, eNewsletter and your Facebook page)

  • 53% of shoppers say they will use the internet to research gift ideas (source:
  • Utilize the same gift suggestions you developed for the holiday flyer (described above)

Create pre-packaged holiday gift packs – make it festive by bundling in a dive-flag stocking.

  • Sample package for divers: a “care and feeding” kit for their gear. 
  • Sample package for non-divers: a family first-aid package.

Offer a Seal Team program during the holiday break
When I was a kid, I asked for a Crystal Castle three years in a row for Christmas. When I finally got it I was thrilled. A few days later…. I was bored.

Ask your customers with kids if they’d be interested in a day-camp style kids program during the school break. Offer Seal Team Aquamissions (1-2 per day) and include a Seal Team crewpak in your course price. This gives the children something tangible to “unwrap.”

Looking for more?
Read our earlier article: 5 Ways to Prepare for the Holidays (and our 2009 holiday promo).

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