5 Ways to Prepare for the Holidays

Every year it seems like Christmas starts earlier and earlier. Costco and Home Depot are already selling cards and decorations. It’s nuts, right? 

Still, the holiday hoopla must make financial sense or they wouldn’t keep doing it. After all, the average family spends $800-$1000 during the holiday season.

While you won’t find me decking the halls any time soon, I will start posting some holiday marketing ideas. Here are a few ways you can prep for the greatest shopping season of them all:

Host an underwater photo shoot with Santa for your customer’s holiday cards. It’s a fun activity and a great marketing tool.

Every diver who uses that photo on a holiday card or in their online profile promotes scuba to non-diving friends and family members. The hardest part – convincing the rookie divemaster to don the santa suit. Hey, we all have to pay our dues.

Develop a Message for Online Shoppers
A recent poll reported on CNBC said 17% more people plan to shop online this year. Not only that – the average US internet user spent 68 hours online last month. They’re out there… millions of them… looking for that perfect gift.

What will holiday shoppers / travelers find on your website?

Review the DSD-During-Confined-Water program (retailers)
Though not specific to the holidays, the Bring-A-Friend-to-Confined-Water philosophy has increased open water sign-ups 20-60% for participating stores. Call me for additional details and promotional materials…

Warm and Fuzzies

Whether it’s recognizing hard-working staff members, or fundraising for a good cause, the holidays are also a time for giving.

Tie a Charity Donation to Each Purchase
To give customers a feel-good reason for spending their gift-giving dollars with you, tie a charity to each purchase. For example, “for every $100 purchase we’ll donate $10 to XYZ charity” (such as Project AWARE).

Create a Giving Tree 
Decorate the tree with paper or glass ornaments tagged with a prize or discount.  Invite customers to bring in five cans of food in exchange for selecting an ornament off the tree.

Making a List – Checking it Twice
For staff “thank you” gifts, we have some items on sale (see below).

  • PADI’s popular laptop backpack is on sale for $15/each when you buy ten or more.
  • PADI hats are also on sale for $9.50/each (plain, divemaster, or instructor).

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