Updated Advanced Open Water Crewpak Now Shipping

Updated Student Kit Includes More Required Materials
New Advanced Open Water crewpak with safety sausage and AOW manual

In response to member feedback, we have a new Adventures in Diving crewpak which includes a surface marker buoy (aka safety sausage) and a whistle in lieu of the Nav-Finder.

Why the new signaling devices?
PADI Standards require Adventures in Diving / AOW students carry an audible signaling device throughout their training, and visual signaling devices are recommended for divers of all levels.

Is PADI Getting Rid of the Nav-Finder?
The Nav-Finder remains a useful tool for many instructors and student divers. That said, putting safety equipment in the hands of divers is of primary importance.

Why Use a Crewpak Instead of Book & Table?
The new crewpak offers several advantages for retailers:

  • Both student and retailer save money buying required materials as a package
  • Safety equipment becomes a permanent addition to student’s gear which they may replace or upgrade
  • Increased awareness of signaling devices can drive sales of signaling devices to other divers.

Product Info
60329 Adventures in Diving Crew-Pak w/SMB & Whistle

The Adventures in Diving program is offered online as an eLearning course – view PADI’s eLearning course prices, or read more about AOW online.

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