PADI Public Safety Diver Instructor Requirements

Announced earlier this summer, the PADI Public Safety Diving Specialty has been generating a TON of calls and questions. While I still don’t have any info on when this program will launch, I got the list of instructor pre-req’s. to tide you over.

I’ve heard the instructor guide is being finalized and I expect we’ll have the materials on or before DEMA time.

Instructor Pre-requisites (updated 2016)
1. Master Scuba Diver Trainer Instructor, or higher
2. Full Face Mask PADI Distinctive Instructor Certification
3. Dry Suit Instructor Certification
4. Any three of the following PADI Instructor ratings:
a. Search and Recovery
b. Night Diver
c. Limited Visibility
d. Emergency Oxygen Provider
e. Underwater Navigation
5. Current EFR Instructor or qualifying equivalent
6. Current Medical
7. Proof of related profession – Police, Fire, Paramedic, Dive Team Member etc.
8. Minimum 1 year PSD experience
9. 20 missions or 10 missions and 10 PSD certs.
10. ICS (Incident Command System) training Level II (200). It is free and available online through FEMA website (NIMS – National Incident Management System). You can simply send a copy of your diploma.

Course Materials:
1. Public Safety Diver Instructor Guide
2. Lesson Guides
3. Specialized forms and Checklists for use during class and diving operations in the field.

Diver Prerequisites:
1. PADI Advanced and Rescue Diver or qualifying equivalent certification
2. 18 years old
3. Proof of affiliation/employment with a public safety team
4. Any ancillary courses necessary to carry out public safety diving in the local area (dry suit, full face mask, etc.)


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  1. Am a current PADI CD , Specialtys & EFR trainer … How may I obtain instructor trainer status for PSD … Am traveling to USA in May 2015 … Request some information … Thanks … Denzil Linhares #288308 India

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