New Product for Teaching the Dive Computer Option in Open Water

How to Use and Choose Dive Computers

How to Use and Choose Dive Computers - new booklet for use with computer option for Open Water

How to Use and Choose Dive Computers is part of the new, table-less version of PADI’s Open Water course. In lieu of the RDP or eRDP, the student will learn computer-assisted diving guidelines. This item is available as part of a new Open Water crewpak available in September 2009.

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sample page from how to use and choose dive computers

Topics covered include:

  • Dive computer basics
  • Choosing a dive computer
  • Computer use before, during and after a dive
  • The need for dive computer functions
  • Computer advantages over tables
  • Basic computer settings
  • What to do if a computer fails

The PADI Open Water manual is still required for computer students; however, computer students will use a modified version of knowledge reviews 4 and 5. The special knowledge reviews are included in the How to Use and Choose… booklet.

New student materials – September 2009
Computer students will purchase a new version of our Open Water crewpak that includes the dive computer booklet. Basically what we did is take a regular OW kit and swap out the dive computer booklet for the RDP table/eRDP. We expect the new computer-based course materials will start shipping September 2009.

Instructors can pre-order the booklet ala carte (limit one per instructor). Give us a call at: 800 729 7234.

sample page from how to use and choose dive computers


The PADI Dive Computer Simulator (not shown) is another tool that’s part of our computer-based Open Water course. The simulator allows the student to watch how a generic dive computer behaves as they run it through virtual dives with various depths and bottom times.

The Dive Simulator will

• Run example dive profiles while providing instruction about specific aspects of computer diving.

• Show divers what to expect from a predive NDL scroll, square and multilevel dives – both single and repetitive – and the effects of surface intervals on repetitive dive times.

• Review what to do during conditions such as failed computers or emergency decompression.

How to Use and Choose Dive Computers includes directions on how to access the Dive Simulator online.

Please read the 3rd Quarter Training Bulletin for more information on this new teaching option for Open Water.

Note: the sample pages included in the above article are not from the final booklet. The actual content in our final, printed version may differ.

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