PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Course Online

PADI’s Most Popular PADI Specialty Course Goes Online

PADI Enriched Air eLearning online course
PADI’s most popular specialty course – Enriched Air Diver – will be available online Monday, 20 July 2009.

Enriched Air eLearning provides a dive-computer only option: simplifying the teaching process (no tables) and enabling students to get back in the water sooner.

For current pricing on the PADI Enriched Air online course, please visit our eLearning price list page.

As with our other eLearning programs, students complete their knowledge development at home whenever it’s most convenient. After online training, the student must complete a quick quiz (similar to the Open Water eLearning program) with an instructor. Additionally, the student must complete the Enriched Air practical application. The dives are optional.

Check the PADI Pros site for a .pdf download of the EANx quick quiz, or contact your PADI Americas Sales rep for an email copy. Please include your instructor number in the email.

There is a new Enriched Air instructor guide for this program, product no 70244. This item is available now.

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