PADI Advanced Open Water Online: An eLearning FAQ

PADI eLearning Advanced Open Water
Are eLearners restricted to the seven dives from the online curriculum?

In the eLearning program, students complete knowledge development for seven sections:

  • Deep Diver and Underwater Navigation (required for AOW certification)
  • Boat Diver, Night Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Naturalist and Wreck Diver
  • (why we chose these)

Students who want to try other adventure dives can access the Adventures in Diving Manual from the Tools menu of the online classroom. The knowledge development can be completed online, printed out, and presented to the instructor with their Advanced Open Water Diver eRecord.

The exception is: Enriched Air and Digi Photo – students must complete knowledge reviews from the specialty manual for these adventure dives (same as PADI’s traditional course).

An AOW eLearning student would like to try dry suit, night, and altitude diving in addition to the required deep and nav dives.

The student completes knowledge development for three of those dives (deep, nav and night) using the online curriculum.

For dry suit and altitude, s/he’ll click on the Tools menu to access the sections on altitude and dry suit in the Adventures in Diving manual.

Lastly, s/he’ll complete and print his knowledge development answers on his computer and bring them to his instructor.

A diver signs up for AOW eLearning and would like to try night diving, enriched air and digital underwater photography.

S/he’ll complete the night diving knowledge review as part of the online curriculum.

For Enriched Air, s/he’ll complete knowledge review one from the Enriched Air Diver manual.

For Digi. Photo s/he’ll complete the level two knowledge review from the Digital Underwater Photography manual.

How much does it cost?
For current pricing on the Adventures in Diving online course, please visit our eLearning price list page. To purchase an eLearning gift code, please review our buying and using eLearning gift code instructions.


Is there an eLearning crewpak for AOW eLearning like there is for Open Water?

Yes! The part number is 60332. It includes the student slate (required) and an audible and visual signaling device (also required).

The kit ships in the standard crewpak bag.

For more information on the Advanced course online, read the 4th quarter 2008 Training Bulletin.


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