15 minute marketing Idea #2 – Interns

15 Minute Marketing Idea #2
Recruit A Summer Intern

Summer interns are great. They’ll get coffee, wash your car… okay, I’m kidding.Once upon a time I was an unpaid summer intern at 92.3 KGON (Portland’s Real Classic Rock). After graduation, I managed the intern program for our radio station group and every summer I hired 40+ interns.Interns are fun to have around and are well worth the time invested to recruit them. Moreover, interns would much rather work with for a dynamic small business (such as a dive shop) than while away their summer in the file room of a corporate office.

Right nowcollege students are starting to think about summer internships. Call or email your local college/university and find out:

  • Where to submit your summer internship offering
  • Is there a career fair or other opportunity to interact with the students?
  • Who is the main contact for the department of communications / business school?

I recommend communications and/or business majors. However, if you’re looking for a website re-vamp, consider a computer sciences or graphic design major.

It’s important to get contacts at both the career services office and in the communications / business department. Sometimes the career services people are better at sending candidates and sometimes the department heads are better – so be sure and talk to both. Also, try to find an opportunity to meet students in person. You’ll be able to collect contact info and promote your go pro program.

Collecting all this information from the school will likely take fifteen minutes. Of course, you still need to write-up what your internship entails. So here’s a sample internship posting. Fill in the blanks with your dive business information and you’re ready to go.


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