Project AWARE Donation Matching for a Limited Time

Take advantage of a limited opportunity to make your Project AWARE donation go twice as far.

From now until 31 March 2009, PADI Americas will match – dollar for dollar – every individual contribution of $25 or more to Project AWARE.

Project AWARE Foundation, in partnership with divers around the world, initiated 2000 new reef conservation actions during International Year of the Reef 2008 alone. The momentum gained for reef environments shouldn’t stop now.

With your donation and PADI’s match, Project AWARE Foundation aims to raise $60,000 to support conservation now – when reef rescue is critical.

Your direct support will help equip Project AWARE and its global dive volunteers with tools to:

  • Monitor fragile coral reefs for signs of stress and bleaching around the world.
  • Assess information and help improve resource management of reefs threatened by global warming and other human pressures.
  • Raise awareness about climate change among divers, tourists and the general public.
  • Support protected areas and other sustainable ecosystem management tactics.

Donate to Project AWARE today.

FishFlips CaribbeanWith a gift of $100 or more for conservation, you’ll receive FishFlips of the Caribbean. The perfectly wearable, waterproof guide to what’s swimming around you.

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