Nice Work if You Can Get It – Scuba Jobs

The next time someone hassles you about choosing a career in scuba – here are some kickass scuba jobs you can tell them about:

NASA Diver (aka Neutral Buoyancy Lab Ops Specialist)

Dive with astronauts at NASA’s underwater Space Station. The Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston is one of the largest indoor pools in the world. Astronauts practice a variety of space tasks in a weightless environment.

Yes, they’re hiring.

Island Caretaker
Ready to leave the rat race behind? Australia has recently posted “the best job in the world” The selected applicant will earn a salary of 150,000 Australian dollars (about $99,000 US) to “stroll the white sands, snorkel the reef, take care of a few minor tasks.” The caretaker will also be responsible for telling the world about island life via an online diary. Read the complete article on Yahoo News.

Shark Baby-Sitter

Michael Rutzen, owner of PADI facility Shark Diving Unlimited, free dives with White Sharks off the coast of Africa and leads shark diving trips.

Similarly, PADI Instructor Ian Robertson works in the I&J Predator Exhibit in the Two Oceans Aquarium (South Africa).


Looking for work?
Visit the Employment Board section of the PADI Pro’s Site, and view our list of current jobs (with PADI and also PADI Dive Centers in the PADI Americas territory).

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