Are your exams current? PADI version dates and revision numbers

Revised Exams for Open Water and Divemaster

Open Water – updated
I got my holiday wish. We’re finally shipping Open Water exam booklets updated for the eRDPML! Now the questions will “agree” whether students are using the table or the eRDPML.

There’s also an errata for the OW knowledge reviews available as a free download on the PADI Pros site.

Divemaster – updated
The Divemaster exam received its eRDPML updates back in July.

DON’T FORGET: starting January 1, 2009, all Divemaster candidates are required to know the eRDPML, so check your exams! You’ll need a Divemaster exam version 2.08, or, download the exam errata for version 2.07. There’s also an errata for the Diving Knowledge Workbook on the Pros Site.

If you haven’t replaced your exams in awhile, it’s an ideal time to get up-to-date.

Here’s a list of the the current revision dates and version numbers for our core exams (applies to English exams only).

Open Water quiz and exam booklet (71023): last revised 07/08, version 3.02.
Enriched Air Diver exam (70117): last revised 05/07, version 2.03
Rescue Diver exam (70305): last revised 03/06, version 3.02
Divemaster exams (71310): last revised 07/08, version 2.08.

For complete details on what has changed from one version to another, or a complete list of errata (errati) please visit: then click -> Members Toolbox –> Exam Revisions

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