Holiday Promotional Ideas

It’s an unfortunate fact that most people skim-read information online. Using images on your website or enewsletter will keep readers from skimming too much. Pictures work like road-signs, giving the reader an idea of what’s ahead and a reason to pay attention. Too many words are a dense, unnavigable forest to the eye.

Many people, myself included, omit images to save time. With that in mind, here are some gift images and blurbs you for your holiday promotions.

All prices listed are suggested retail.

Gift Ideas $20 – $35
PADI Blanket – $25

PADI Laptop Backpack – $35
This limited-edition item accomodates a laptop computer up to 14″ x 10.5″. The padded back provides extra protection, and a “yawning’ pocket design makes it easy to take the computer in and out. A second pocket with built-in dividers keeps paperwork organized and dry and the third pocket has plenty of room for your smart phone, flash drives, pens, etc.

Sport Diver Subscription & PADI Diving Society membership- $29
PADI Diving Society is a bit like AAA Auto Club for scuba. A $29 PADI Diving Society membership includes a one-year subscription to Sport Diver magazine, discounts on dive travel and a coupon book with DUI, Aqua Lung, Olympus, SeaLife Sherwood and more.
(see note below)

Sport Diver cover: scuba dive and surf in Tahiti

PADI Submersible Certification Card – $35
Surprise your favorite dive buddy with a new certification card. These go-anywhere tags work great as a “bag tag” or gear ID. Plus, you can add an Enriched Air Certification to your core certification (Open Water, Advanced, etc).
Order now to ensure it arrives in time for gift-giving season.

Gift Ideas $40 – $75
PADI Backpack – $40
This durable four-pocket backpack is a favorite of PADI Instructors the world over. Constructed from thick cordura, this back pack will keep your change of clothes dry even on a wet boat. Large side pockets easy accommodate a large water bottle and a stash of snacks.
PADI backpack

Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving – $71.80
For divers who spend their above-water time watching the Discovery Channel – the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving is a perfect gift. Dozens of videos give a comprehensive overview of diving technology and equipment from the early days through the 21st century.

PADI Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving

Here is a sample video of how tanks are made:

PADI Diving Society decal
* Use the PADI Diving Society pre-paid membership decal to make $10 on every Sport Diver subscription. Call me for details.

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