Scuba Movie Night

The new James Bond movie comes out this weekend. Oh yes. I’ve been looking forward to my date with Daniel Craig for months!

Thunderball is one of my favorite 007 movies – for obvious reasons. Something like 1/4 of the movie is shot underwater. Sure it’s cheesy, but that’s half the fun, right?

Divers are social creatures and a movie night is a great reason for people to get people together. A big bowl of popcorn, a bunch of pillows, and voila, your classroom is now a screening room.

Movie-themed giveaways or treats can turn a screening into an event. Here are some simple ideas:

Pirates of the Caribbean: give away eye patches
Into the Blue or Fools Gold: chocolate “gold” coins
Thunderball: serve beverages in martini glasses

If your customers are into more intellectual fare, here are some suggestions:

Dolphin Defender is a PBS special about Dolphin researcher Hardy Jones. Jones and his team of researchers go to the Bahamas and form a bond with the dolphins – to the point where they’re given dolphin baby-sitting duties. In return, the dolphins protect the divers from aggressive sharks. Later in the documentary, Hardy dives with an orca whale in Norway and it’s pretty mind-blowing. One word of caution: there is some brutal footage of dolphin hunts. You’ll definately want to warn people before hand and consider previewing this film first.

Into the Deep is a wonderful film about sealife in the Channel Islands. This is the first IMAX film ever shot underwater. They’ve captured friendly sealions, otters, the gorgeous kelp and lots more. Be prepared to take bookings for a Channel Islands dive trip!

Encounters at the End of the World isn’t entirely about diving, but it has some amazing underwater footage of Antarctica. This documentary was made by Werner Herzog, an eccentric German filmmaker. So, in other words, it’s no March of the Penguins, but the ice diving segment is unforgettable. (DVD release date: 18 Nov)

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