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Discontinued PADI Products

PADI laptop backpackEach year PADI discontinues a hand full of products. Some aren’t strong sellers (the semi-closed rebreather chevron), others are limited-edition items such as our laptop backpack.

By “discontinued”: I mean: once our current stock is exhausted, we won’t order any more. Many of these items we’ll still have in 2009, but they will no longer be in our price list and and once they’re gone – they’re gone.

Pasted below is a condensed list of discontinued items. For a complete list, visit the While Supplies Last category on PADI’s online shopping cart.

Discontinued PADI products for 2009:
The Wheel (metric and imperial) and Open Water crewpak with wheel (no. 63301)

teaching and supervising log pagesAdventure log pages teaching & supervising (no. 70045)
(click thumbnail for larger image)

enriched air logbook pages
Adventure log pages enriched air (no. 70066)
(click thumbnail for larger image)

logbook pages pro moduleAdventure log pages pro module (no. 70044)
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All chevrons (click image below for details)

PADI diver chevrons

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